December 1: Pam Shults

On December the 2nd Pam and I were sitting in a blind over-looking winter wheat. The morning set was very slow. We saw a 1 1/2 year old 5 point and 2 spikes. It was tough going to a blind on the farm that I had filmed my son Evan take several deer out of over the years. With a slow movement morning there was a lot of time to think and ponder on the great memories that we had shared there and it was a very emotional set. If Pam was not crying I was. Finally about 10:30 we had all we could stand so we got out of the blind and headed to the house for some lunch.

After lunch we elected to go back to the same blind. We had not been in the blind long and we had a small 8 pt. come into the field. We thought it was going to better this evening. About 30 minutes later we had a spike come in, then the dry spell began. No deer for hours!

Then Pam looked at me with tearful eyes and said maybe it is to soon to be hunting, maybe we should not have came. We lost Evan in an auto accident on November the 6th only 1/4 of a mile from our drive way. She said I am feeling guilty for being here. I told her he would want us to be there and for her to be hunting. Then she kept talking about it then I just lowered my head and in silence told Evan if you do not help me and help send a deer Pam's way she is going to quit on me! Then as I looked toward Pam and told her you never know when one may step out I looked into the field and all I saw where tines coming across the rise in the field! I told her to crab her gun and get on him!

I kept asking her if she was on him and she said no, then I ask again then again she said no. Finally I heard her say yes! I told her to take him then she let the Thompson Center do her talking for her and the 10 pt. dropped in his tracks! No track job at all. Then the emotions where unstoppable. I was crying so hard and Pam was as well, but did not know at the time that I had asked my son for help then it happened that fast!

I am so proud of Pam for the job that she did and I am also so proud that I got my first sign from my beloved son that he is still with me and after taking care of him with all my might for 22 years now is taking care of me!

Our lives will never be the same without Evan, but now we know that he is always going to be with us! This year we are doing Dream Season " The Journey ". We started this Journey in October and Evan was to be apart of it on our annual father and son hunt in December, but he started his Journey in November.

We love you and will miss you forever!
Dad, Pam, Zak, Tyler and the whole DOD family !!!!!!!