November 30: Doug Hampton

With a few days left before leaving for Kansas to take my wife for the firearms season, I decided I'd go try my luck at my deer-camp on the Mississippi River. I was in a pickle for a camera man until a friend of mine offered to come and "give it a try". The crash course was given and the truck was packed.

The decision was made to go to a cut-over that was used as a primary bedding area. We snuck in to 2 climbers that I had previously left up from the early muzzle-loader season. With climbing being noisy, and the enormous amount of gear for the hunt, we decided to sit from daylight to dark. At around 11 am, I was baffled. I couldn't believe the lack of deer movement. 27 degrees, frosty, calm, yet no deer. After lunch, which consisted of a snickers bar, I was seriously thinking about moving locations. I ultimately decided that we were in the best spot I could think of to catch a mature buck on his feet in daylight.

The tree we were in was extremely bare. We stuck out like King Kong on a light pole! However, our view from 35' high was pretty good. At 1:45pm I heard a deer jumping over a tree top around 100 yards away. He appeared to be headed away from us and had a huge body and a rack that definitely met the standards for my hunting lease in southeast Arkansas. I pulled out the hyper-growl grunt call and let out a growl followed by a few tending grunts. The buck turned and began making his way toward our location. At 70 yards, he stopped and became alert after a smaller buck had snuck in and busted us while communicating for the shot. The footage appears to be milked, but I just had to know everything was exactly right with the first time camera-man. The buck had turned and was gettin' some gone when I whistled to stop him in the last opening for a shot with my brand new Thompson Center. The greenlight was given and the shot was taken. Immediately I could tell he was hit hard from the mule-kick that he did as he left the opening. He only ran 5o yards before the Winchester .308 bullet had taken a heavy tole.

When you hunt in the south, you can't always hunt for inches, but you can hunt for age. The buck that I had taken was over 200 pounds and was a very respectable buck for the area. I love to shoot a trophy buck as much as the next guy, but a mature buck with any weapon will always be a trophy to me.

Speaking of weapon...this new Thompson Center I got is unreal....stay tuned to TC's website and facebook pages in the coming months for an anouncement that will be revolutionary in the gun industry for sure! 

P.S. I did do the "Dougie" after he hit the ground ;)