November 19: Chad & Craig Kilmer

The 10 point mistake

November 20th walked out of the cabin and a north wind alright finally I could go into the timber after the big 9. At 8:30 am something caught my eye I looked and there he was standing right where he was in September in the bean field bottom, I get the camera on him then I aim and shoot! Well with all the excitement I forgot to push record. Also to my surprise he was a 10 point! I had seen this buck in September while bow hunting, October while combing beans and during youth rifle season. I had picked him as my only buck I was going to shoot for rifle season. I had passed him on opening day because the camera man could not get him in focus. I had to pass on him that Sunday because he was to far away from the camera. So to miss up the filming Sunday morning just stole all of my joy of getting the one and only buck I was after.

Redemption: the 9th inning,2 out, homerun

It's the last day of Missouri rifle season. Dad and I were working cattle all day, at 2 he said we needed to tear down the corral and take the panels home for the next group. I tried talking him out of it, telling him I would come back and do it tomorrow but he wanted to finish. At 3pm we dropped the panels at home, we grabbed our gear and head out. At about 3:45 we arrive at the farm and man we were late... We walked up the creek get to the top of the bank and see two does so we duck down and start too the blind. We walked about 20 yards to the spot where we could see the corner of the bottom and to our surprise there stood two bucks out in the middle of the bean field bottom about 100 yards in front of the blind. Now it's time to crawl the remaining 30 yards. As soon as we get to the blind I get in the front of dad and get the camera on the buck, zoom in and say I've got him, then dad slides his gun over the hay bale and says I'm on him. At this point I knew we had the buck because dads the best shot I know and this is gonna be good as long as I dont jump.... So with the buck focused in I tell him to shoot when he turns. BOOM he drops like a rock! Alright we did it at 4:30 on the last night, it doesn't get any better than this... 161 11 point 3 main beams. Happy Birthday Dad, my present is a couple days late but I don't thank you mind.