November 24: Darrell Johnson

The story of this hunt starts earlier in the year. My Son in Law Kyle McClellan, bought a farm in Pike County, Il back in May. All I needed was in invite!!! I got the invite and I was as excited as ever to get up there. I have never harvested a buck with a bow and I thought I would have a great opportunity to get on this year.

We had planned on hunting while the Dream Season crew was in camp at Hadley Creek towards the end of October but the Cardinals kept winning so we had to postpone the hunt for a while. It probably worked out better because the weather was a lot better while we were in camp.

We got to the stand of the first night of the hunt and not even an hour had passed and we had a buck in the field. This buck was the only deer in the field and ate on the winter wheat for about 10 minutes before he gave me a broadside shot. It didn’t take me long after Kyle gave me the ok to take the deer that I was at full draw ready to shoot. Once I let it go I heard the Rage connect with him but I couldn’t believe I had hit him so far back. My arrow had hit a branch right away and it deflected it to his back leg. Just what I wanted for my first time shooting at a buck, we had to let him lay overnight and try to recover him the next morning.

We got up got to the farm at first light. Once we got to the woods where he entered we didn’t find any blood. It wasn’t looking good. We were walking thru the woods where we thought he had ran and heard the neighbor shout to us and tell us that he found my deer 50 yards up the hill.

I couldn’t be happier to take this Pike County buck for my first buck with a bow. What a thrill it was and I have a lot of people to thank. First, Kyle for allowing me to hunt his farm, Mark and Terry Drury for introducing Kyle into deer hunting 4 years ago. They helped him harvest his first buck and he passed that on to me. And finally, Hadley Creek Outfitters. Hadley Creek is managing Kyle’s Farm for him. Who could do a better job growing giants then Hadley Creek???

Thanks for Reading