December 5: Katherine Eugster

Doe Down.....

On October 6th, my daughter, Kat turned 10. This was a pretty exciting day for both Kat and I because now she could hunt! Wisconsin started a mentor program allowing kids that were 10 to hunt with an adult. Kat practiced a lot over the summer and even participated in a 3D shoot with her brother Jacob (15) and I. She slowly built up her strength by doing push ups, pull ups, and shooting her bow a lot. she needed to be able to pull 35 pounds and shoot good groups at twenty yards before we headed out to the woods.

Well, on Kat's first hunt we had a couple does come in and present a perfect shot, unfortunately a small branch took the shot. A couple hunts later another doe escaped leaving only a little hair behind.

One afternoon, Kat and I headed out to a ground blind with high hopes. The rut was in full swing and we were going to a great spot at the intersection of soybeans, corn and some mash grass. It was the first time in this spot. Shortly after getting settled in I looked out the window to the right and couldn't believe what I saw. A huge buck was walking down one of my corn shoots and if he continued coming he would be right in front of us in a few seconds. I franticly tried to prepare Kat to get ready. I told her that one of the biggest bucks I ever saw was coming! At the last second a doe came into view and the giant buck wheeled around and started tending after her.

When I turned the camera back on Kat she was a wreck! She was shaking and she said she could feel her heart pounding! Wow, so close. The giant buck stayed in the area and haunted us at 35 yards for a while. I guess I should have brought my own PSE too; and handed the camera to Kat. Well I think my daughter understands now why I love this sport so much.

When the gun season came around the corned I had got her comfortable enough to shoot by practicing with a .22 and the 4-10. Then we moved up to the Thomson Center Pro Hunter with one charge of powder. She was deadly with this set up. After putting nice holes in several pumpkins, we were ready.

We headed for a Quad Pod with a turkey blind on top of it. There was four of us in there! Kat, her friend Sadie and her dad Mark and I. Kat was going to take the first deer that gave her a shot. It didn't take long for a doe to show up. Kat shot and missed. A little while later another doe shows up and this time she makes a perfect shot! We were a pretty happy bunch in that blind!

After recovering the doe, we all headed to the cabin where we stayed for the night. It has been quite a season for Kat and I so far, but stay tuned because Kat is still after a big buck!

The Story Continues....

Well once Kat got her doe, she still wanted to go after a buck. On Nov 6th I picked her up from school an hour early. We told the teacher she need to leave early and take a shot! We laughed all the way to the truck.

Kat and I headed to the same blind that she shot her doe out of. The activity was slow. Kat did her homework and had a couple of cups of hot chocolate. The hot chocolate must have mad her sleepy because all of a sudden it was really quiet in the blind, she was sleeping like a rock.

About ten minutes into her nap two bucks came out. I woke her up and told her to get ready. The bucks were about seventy yards out. Kat waited until the bigger buck turned broadside and then she let him have it. the buck mule kicked, tucked tail, and ran back towards the woods. The shot was perfect. Kat and I were pumped, we texted her brother and mom; "Big Buck Down!!!!"

We watched the video at home and dinner then went after hime. When we got to the scene, there was no question she made a great shot. Kat lead the way on the trail with the rest of the family behind. It didn't take long to spot the buck laying ahead! We were pretty excited. Kat really put a lot of effort into hunting this season and we all were really proud of her!