As a father I cannot describe the feeling I have when my 11 year old daughter shoots a deer....let alone a monster deer! This is exactly what happened tonight.

We hunted last night and she almost pulled the trigger on a 135 class 8 point but he was quartering to us a little. Then he ended up following a doe into the cedars and then she kind of was glad she didn't shoot him. Jessica said she wanted something bigger! Oh boy..managing for big bucks already at 11 years old..Dad was impressed!!!
We decided to hunt what we call the creek stand tonight. The wind was about 12 mph and out of the south. The temperatures warmed up a bit so we didn't expect to see a lot of movement. Anytime you can play your iPod touch in the box blind without gloves in December ..the temperature is too warm. Anyway, we always have high hopes when we are together and it doesn't hurt our hopes when Jessi can now shoot Dads TC Pro Hunter!!!

We first saw a small yearling buck and a few does. Jessica won the $1 bet we had on our contest of guessing what time we will see the first deer. I picked 3:49pm and she could pick before or after. She picked before and sure enough at 3:40 pm that first deer came into sight from my Nikons. I've never seen anyone so excited to win $1.

It was about 4:25 pm when we saw our first shooter buck. It was about a 125 inch 8 pt. She was having second thoughts about passing the buck last night so she was thinking long and hard about shooting him. She decided to wait a bit and if nothing else came out then take the 125 inch 8 pt. Well, before she could even get ready she said "Dad, there's another big buck right there! " This buck was already in the field. I took one glance and recognized him. I knew this big main frame 8 point from my Reconyx cameras. His rack sat very high on his head and he had a forked brow tine and a nice kicker off his G3. I told Jessi immediately "This is the buck you want to kill". Both of our hearts were racing. I knew I had passed on my addiction and passion for big bucks by listening to her breath. It had become very heavy!
She slowly got the gun ready and her ear phone protection on as Dad tried to fumble around and get 2 cameras set up. It's not easy when your trying to help your 11 year old daughter with everything, get 2 cameras rolling and doing this all when a field of standing beans is loaded with deer. Luckily she is already pretty darn knowledgeable about the art of hunting and getting the job done. She understands slow movement and being quiet is the only way she is going to kill this big buck!

I can't tell you how proud I was when I see the shot in the camera. The big buck kicked his feet like a bucking bronco! I knew that was what we wanted to see.

We didn't see him go down so she reloaded real quick and called Mom, then we went to find him. She didn't need that extra bullet. He only made it about 15 yards inside the timber. To see the expression on her face was truly awesome. He was actually bigger than both of us thought! She said "Dad, he's a monster!" I was a proud Papa!!

I told Jessica she might not shoot another buck like that the rest of her life!!! But with her luck... Somehow I think the odds are in her favor!

Proud Papa Ware