December 10: Jordan Gizdic

One of the biggest disadvantages to running an outfitting business is the limited time you get to hunt for yourself or with family. Luckily my 11 year old daughter, Jordan, has been patient with me and my schedules. She has hunted with me since she was 4 years old and she has been toting a gun for the last few years. Last year she shot her first deer, a doe, but this year she really wanted to hold out for a buck. During the October youth season she decided not to shoot a real good buck(a 5 year old scoring 160”) because we were hunting from an elevated blind for the first time and she really didn’t like how loud the shotgun she was using is, even thought she ALWAYS wears earmuffs.

To remedy the situation, I emailed Craig Cushman from Thompson Center to see if he had any suggestions. He recommended the TC Impact with 1 pellet of powder. I ordered one and got it sighted in. What a great muzzleloader. Short, lightweight, no recoil, and very little noise with only 1 pellet.

The first night we tried the new muzzleloader out she grazed a doe. I later checked the gun and it must have gotten bumped because it was about 12” off. I spent the next morning getting the gun ready again and we were ready to go about 2 pm.

That evening, Jordan let a dozen does pass by the blind at less than 50 yards waiting on a buck. We saw a few bucks but this guy was the first one to present a 40 yard shot. She was excited to say the least. I was so proud of her. She aimed and waited for me to get the camera rolling and fired. The buck bolted but I thought I saw him stumble once he reached the timber. We returned after dark to find him piled up not 60 yards from where she shot him.

What a great first deer with lots of character. Gross score 146 2/8” with 11 scorable points. To top it all off, we learned the next morning that her friend, Jessi Ware also took a great buck that same evening in Iowa.