December 16: Dave Reisner

Well this story actually started back in October when Dave started getting Reconyx pics of this big mature 11 pointer. We knew right away that he was on the hit list of deer that we wanted to take. Amy seemed to be in the driver’s seat as Dave planned to film Amy during October and November with her PSE Vendetta bow. Well to make a long story short Amy did have some close encounters of the unfortunate kind with this buck and could never quite close the deal. Amy’s misfortune turned out to be good luck for Dave!

So on the morning of December 16th I get a call from Dave that the 11 pointer has been seen bedded on his farm and that I need to get in my car and head west so that I can film him on Saturday for the afternoon hunt. So after asking my boss (that would be my wonderful and supportive wife Suzy) I hit the road right after work and set the Garmin for Dave’s address in Iowa. When I arrived we decided to bring along good friend and long time hunting partner Curt Richey as well. We figured another set of eyes using the Nikon binoculars could only help and we decided Curt might our good luck charm for this hunt.

Well you know what they say about the best laid plans only this time they actually worked. It was like the big boy read the script this time as he showed up on the scene with plenty of filming light. At first we lost him in the standing corn but eventually he reappeared at 90 yards in the cut corn and offered Dave a broadside shot. Well Dave made the shot count and this big 11 was down and out!

I know that Dave would have rather had his lovely wife Amy harvest this buck with her PSE bow but you could also tell by the smile on his face that he was pretty happy to shoot this awesome buck himself!

My amazing year in front of and behind the camera continues as this makes big mature buck number 8 that I have witnessed hit the dirt with 5 bucks over 140” and 2 of those bucks over 160”!

Good Hunting and Happy Holidays!
John and Dave