December 20: Jasper Manifold

What a great time with great friends! My friend Scott and I had planned this trip over a year ago when we noticed there were quite a few big ole bruiser 8 points on my farm. We talked about his son Jasper having enough preference points to draw a tag the next year for Iowa. That day we formulated a plan.....and today the plan all came together perfectly!

Jasper, Scott and I all headed to a box blind in the 308 field. It is a 4 acre food plot with standing beans and Biologic Maximum!

It had warmed up to over 40 degrees and sunny. We thought they might move good but we had no idea we would see an old buck come out on the field at 3:30pm. He came out with 3 other bucks and this old buck made the other bucks look like "Tatoo" off the old show Fantasy Island. I knew he was mature and I could tell by the way Jasper was acting that he definitely was ready to kill him. He got ready and we waited for the big 8 pt to get broad side in the Biologic Maximum. The big 8 took his last bite and raised his head. Jasper said "Here I go and kaboom..... smoke filled the camera screen for a mere second before I saw the big 8 run off.". I knew he was hit hard!

Jasper was all smiles and we celebrated in the blind because we knew our big plan had paid off! We were both successful. 2 big bucks had hit the dirt in less than 48 hours.

In fact that's the 4th big buck to hit the dirt on my Iowa farm in the last 15 days!

This has been an awesome season and now I can't wait for the holidays with my family.

Ho Ho Ho

Tom Ware