The story of this deer started last year for dad and Ryan.  They had encounter after encounter with this deer...which at the time they called Whacky Rack.  Upon seeing him this summer with the Reconyx Cameras dad elected to re-name him after seeing how wide he got...he was forever Bullwinkle because of his short tines and great width! 

Fast fowrard to early November...one of our neighbors had made us aware of a buck that they had hit and injured with their archery equipment, but had not killed him.  He wasn't dead, but definitely in some serious pain and apparently back on our farm.  We hand't seen him again until 2 days ago when Jeff Lindsey was in camp and he and Ryan were heading into the stand and bumped him off the field.  Last night Terry, Lil' Jon and myself were hunting on the other end of that same field and as we left at last light saw him again.  Well you hear Mark and dad talk about it all the time...MRI (Most Recent Information).  We knew where he was...we knew he was injured and we knew he wasn't going far from food to bed.  We had all the info we needed and we elected to head into that particular field at 1 pm instead of our typical 3pm! :)

Well for once a plan came together for dad and I just like we mapped it out! 2pm Ryan says "There's Bullwinkle!"  He had stepped onto the field at 90 yards and it was a waiting game at that point.  We waited for the perfect broad side shot...snow coming down...North wind....Bullwinkle on the field.   We finally got the angle we were looking for and down went Bullwinkle!  

A great ending to a fun night in the box blind with dad and Ryan!  It's been a couple of years since dad and I hunted together so that's always fun to get back to our roots.  Just like it was 20 years ago in Bloomsdale...except we saw deer...and actually killed one! ha ha.  

Bullwinkle had a 21" inside spread, but had probably lost 50-60 lbs from the time he was hit in November with archery tackle.  I was glad he came out and gave me the shot...there is something about the combination of dad and I...a box blind...and an injured deer.  This marks the second time I've had an opportunity to harvest a deer we thought wouldn't make it through the winter (the first being in 2006).  I feel very fortunate to be able to hunt up here with dad.  He, Ryan and John Williams put a lot of hard work and effort into the property and I can't thank them enough for letting me hunt here.  

Merry Christmas and safe hunting the rest of the year!! -Matt