December 28: Jacob O'Dell

In the beginning of December Jacob decided that he wanted to try and shoot a buck here in our home state of Virginia. I tried to explain to him that after the archery season, early muzzleloader season, the general firearms season, and now the late muzzleloader season that the hunting might be kind of tough. After my lengthy explanation of how hard the hunting might be he said enthusiastically and with a smile “so you are going to take me right dad”? What is a dad to do?!

Well apparently it is true what they say that the apple does not fall far from the tree because Jacob also decided he wanted to hunt with his PSE crossbow during the late season here in Virginia. Maybe I am a little too passionate about bow hunting and it is rubbing off on my son.

Luckily for us we have a good friend in Joey Brown who invited us to hunt some of his farms in Bedford County, VA. So we hung some sets and we were ready to go! We were hunting hard every chance that we had to get out on stand but we just could not seem to get a buck in range. In spite of the fact that we were hunting some great farms during his last 4 sits and 20 plus hours on stand we did not even see a single deer. To Jacob’s credit he remained positive and was excited to go again after every one of those dry hunts.

Finally on December 29th after a few hours in a ground blind that is located on a field edge next to thick cover on one side and a turnip food plot on the other we finally looked up and saw what we had been waiting for all of those hours on stand. A spike buck or I should say a “GIANT spike buck” according to Jacob was working a scrape line on the field edge and if he continued on his path he would come right in front of Jacob’s shooting window. Well the buck did just that and just like a seasoned veteran Jacob grunted to stop him and then made a great shot at 25 yards with his PSE Foxfire crossbow and Nikon Bolt Xr scope. Jacob’s reaction was priceless and in that moment I was reminded that it is not always the size of the antlers but the size of the experience! I know that it is another hunt that neither of us will ever forget!

Of course Jacob is already asking me when we get to go spring turkey hunting?!

Good Hunting and Happy New Year to all!