December 29: Ashley Lindsey

I have been so excited to finally get a chance to hunt after graduating college in December. So when Jeff took me the first night, I was ready to see some deer move! However, we were missing a pretty important ingredient...the COLD!

It had been unseasonably warm for late season in Iowa with no snow and temps in the 50's. We headed to our first spot of the evening which was a LONG walk in only to find out the windows were screwed shut and rather than go back to the house, we just went to another spot where we saw.....zero deer. On the 2nd day of hunting, we climbed up a tree and all I seen was one turkey.

Finally, on the 3rd day of hunting, we set up in a ground blind and waited for what seemed like an eternity. One by one, deer started pouring out of the woods and before I knew it, there were 2 big bucks standing no more than 100 yards from us. Earlier in the hunt, Jeff was telling me about a deer they only had a couple of pics that just showed up on December 27t. We didn't really know who he was but he was big, old and on the hit list. Jeff had showed me the pics so I decided to name him "Funky Munky."

Of all the deer to show up, this newly named buck made an appearance! We quickly decided he was the one and waited for the perfect nopportunity. He nibbled here and there and eventually turned broadside. I made the shot with the TC that put him down immediately. He laid about 60 yards from us and I couldn't believe it! There laid a 11-point that scored 156 4/8"!!! What's so funny is 2 years ago, I killed "Highbrow" on December 31th and almost 2 years to the date killed "Funky Munky" on December 30th.

What an incredible hunt! I am so thankful that I was able to round out 2011 with a great buck and spending time with my husband. I am also thankful that the good Lord blessed me with a beautiful buck because I think He knows I don't do so well in the cold x 10 days :) -Ashley