I've never been lucky enough to harvest 4 bucks in one season before but this year luck has been my friend! I've also never harvested a buck in January, so this year has had a lot of firsts for me! It truly has been a Dream Season to say the least!

I had a few days to hunt in January and there were a couple bucks on my farm that I had in mind. We try to manage my farm in Iowa for top end bucks, and when I notice big 8 points that are old and mature, well...let's say they make it on the hit list!! This particular buck was just that. He was definitely old and mature and he was never gonna make the Boone and Crocket record books. These stipulations made him a perfect fit to fill my one remaining bow tag, especially in January!

My cameraman, Jason Eads has been a lucky charm for me every year he sits in a tree with me. I had concerns after the first 2 evenings were ruined by two different neighbors running a chain saw on bordering properties. We didn't see hardly any deer those two evenings and Jason was leaving after tonight. This was the very last night I had to hunt myself this year! I had to get it done tonight!

The night started off pretty good as we saw this buck come out of the timber after getting a drink in the creek and walking into the Biologic Maximum. He was starting to head our direction along with some other deer when all of a sudden one doe got spooky and the field cleared in a mere heartbeat! My hopes were ruined!

Then it wasn't 10 minutes and we see this same bruiser bodied 8 point reappear at the other end of the food plot and head right into the standing beans. He needed to come 75 yards our way for me to get a shot with my bow and daylight was burning fast!

As I said, luck has been my friend! He made it with time to spare and came right in front of my box blind giving me a broadside shot at 22 yards. I made the shot and he didn't make it another 75 yards before piling up!

Wow. I couldn't believe he came back out! I was sure my night was over after seeing every deer clear the field just 10 minutes prior. I couldn't be happier.

Now I can't wait to take my 9 year old daughter to the Missouri youth season hunt this weekend! I hope she shoots her first deer ever!

That would be the icing on the cake!