As many of you who follow Dream Season every year know that our last group hunt is usually held at Tara in Mississippi. This year due to significant rainfall and much of Tara being submerged under water those plans were nixed. We received the phone call about a month ago telling us to stay tuned that plans were changing and we would know soon where the last hunt would be held. A few days go by and the decision was made that we were headed to west Texas, to the Matador Ranch. Bart and I have never deer hunted in Texas so we really didn’t know what to expect. However, we had no clue we were about to experience one heck of a hunt.

The time came and we headed 885 miles west to Matador Texas, however on the way we had to pick up one competitor on the show, Doug Hampton. After 14 hours of being on the road we finally pulled up to the Matador Ranch. The lodge was truly amazing and the meals were ones that will never be forgotten.

The first morning brought us a lot of deer movement; and after going back to camp and talking with all the other teams I soon realized that this was going to be a hunt where most, if not all the teams, were going to be successful. On the second morning of the hunt we were sitting in a box blind and moments after daylight Bart tells me he saw some shooters headed our way. In this group, there was two 10 pointers, and an 8 pointer.

After observing the bucks we soon decided that we were going to take the big frame 8pt, as he appeared to be the most mature. I waited on Bart to get the camera focused in and at his call I was going to pull the trigger on the brand new TC Dimension Rifle. The gun blast sounds, and a fatal hit had just struck this beautiful Texas buck. The buck falls, and Team Mossy Oak Properties were finally high fiving as it was my first kill of a LONG discouraging season.

When we got back to camp there were other teams bringing in deer/hogs also. Trying to be a competitor and do all we can to win this leg of Dream Season we headed back out to harvest a doe or a pig. On the very last day, just moments before dark, I harvest a Texas Pig. This was my first pig that I had ever harvested. Bart and I pull out on a high note coming off of a very challenging season but hoping for a better 2012!

The Matador Ranch was an amazing experience and I highly recommend anyone to book a hunt there. We had a blast and literally saw over 35 bucks in just four days of hunting. Thanks so much to Bobby, Les, and the guys there at the Matador for your hospitality and great hunts. Every team harvested a buck as well as some hog and doe kills. The last few episodes of DSTV 9 should be very interesting with all the kills and the skills competition. Don’t miss it this summer! Roll Tide!