January 27: Steve "Coon Dog" Coon

Team MAD heads down to Texas to hunt the Matador Ranch on the last leg of Dream Season the Journey and we could not be more excited! Upon arrival at the ranch I could not find any words that could describe this awesome setting. I was just blown away as I walked through the doors. I turned to Joe and said is this for real? We both just looked at each other with a big smile and said now this is living.

Team MAD was the first team to arrive and once we settled in our bedrooms we were treated with the out most hospitality words could not explain. We knew from the get go that this was going to be a very special hunt just by the communication that we had with Les prior to our arrival.

As the afternoon was sliding by us on this first day, all the other teams started showing up which made this last leg even better. We all knew this was a competition but I didn’t know of one team that would not be pulling for all the others to have a successful hunt here at the Matador Ranch.

Now lets get down to business and what I mean by that is the food! You would not believe the meals the Matador Girls prepared for us each day! If I could have arrived with a mouse in my pocket, the mouse would have left weighing as much as an elephant! No kidding each and everyday we had so much food put in front of us that we were all glad not to be in a treestands because here in Texas the trees are not that big and we were starting to put on some pounds. Oh yea the only bad part about the food was Terry taking notes and now he wants the same meals in Turkey Camp! Are you girls busy in a few months or Dog's going to be out of a job! Really I Mean It!!!!

So lets get to the hunting, wow each and every day we had so many buck encounters that at one point we lost count, but I know we were at a rack count of close to thirty and several of them were shooters, it’s just that I wasn’t able to close the deal on a couple, but when the morning of the 28th rolled around I was able to close the deal on a mature Matador 8pt buck! Wahoooo like I said with this last leg being a compition it was very important for each team to take as many animals as they could and with this buck being the first deer down for Team MAD we knew that it was just the beginning. I would like to stop for a second and thank Team Reconyx who hunting this food plot earlier in the week and they were good enough to pass on information on what deer was coming to this food plot and that they decided not to go back to it but they gave me the green light to try it. So that’s what I am saying about this group of guys that were in it together and if one team wins we all win!

Now it’s time for Shane to get to work, now he needs to find us some does, pigs, or what ever else walks here at the Matador Ranch so Team MAD can advance in the competition and that’s what he did on the last day Shane was able to put us on some does. Joe and I were able to put two on the ground and I mean on the ground! The New Thompson Center Dimension 308 found its mark along with my buck kill. Now that’s some shooting for the Dog!

So with this being the last leg for Dream Season the Journey, each team was able to put some deer and hogs on the ground, along with the Catch-a-Dream recipient Tyler who was hunting at Tara with Mark. So with a total of ten animals on the ground I’d say that’s one way to end this Journey! Team MAD thanks you!