Once again, youth season is a success, with little brother Josh scoring on a big longbeard. That makes 3 birds in 4 years…..not a bad track record!

My brother Andrew and I roosted a few birds the evening before, and when daybreak came the following morning, the two birds that gobbled the most in the evening where the first ones to come waltzing in. They attacked the Flambeau Jester decoy and in mid-gobble Josh sent a swarm of Winchester No. 6’s into the boss bird. He also managed to blow the face off of our brand new Jester decoy! 24 pounds, 1 ¼ inch spurs, 9 inch beard. Yeah buddy…

April 1st is Josh’s birthday, so this was a fitting present…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE BROTHER!

I also want to give a big thanks to the Fielder family for letting us come down and hunt on their farm. They have always been great to us. Thanks guys!