Can you believe it turkey season is upon us and boy am I excited about this up and coming season! Well to kick it off I find myself at Tines and Spurs Outfitters in Western Oklahoma with owner Jeff “JT” Bottoms.

Upon my arrival the day before season we were off and running checking all the property that he had trying to put a visual on some birds and it didn’t take long and we were in the money! So the game plan now was to check what property we could that evening to see which one had the hottest bird on it.

Well now we have a problem, we were able to check three pieces of dirt and on each piece there was anywhere from 3 to 4 birds that were gobbling their heads off so now it was decision time! Wow what a problem to have. Anyway prior to the evening roost we did see two Long Beards walk on to a farm that was close to Jeff’s house and we had them gobbling until almost 9 o’clock so we made the decision to give them a try.

As luck would have it that morning we were not the only players in town but the boys had a few ladies with them and you guessed it “Roosted is not Roasted”! But that’s not to say we did not have a good hunt because we were in birds all morning just not the right one.

The evening found us on a farm that we had seen a group of Long Beards on the day before. So after popping up a ground blind it didn’t take long until we had them strutting and gobbling 15 yards in front of us, but lucky for the strutter the camera saved his life!

After the evening hunt we were off and running trying to get a bird roosted for the next morning hunt and wouldn’t you know it, we were back at the first farm with the same birds but now we have four birds gobbling. So game plan now is to set up in a new location in the morning and try to get between them and where they want to go.

As luck would have it that plan didn’t work out because just after a day light a heck of a storm moved in and it rain all day. So instead of not hunting because of the weather it was time to pop up a blind at a location that Jeff knew held birds. So it wasn’t long and we were covered up in birds, but it wasn’t until about 6 o’clock when two different Long Beards came out in the field and it was game on. So as we were working the bird we had four jakes that kept running him off each time he came close, but as luck would have it the one time they pushed him, they pushed him right in our lap. So even though it was a very stressful hunt due to the jakes and us having to do a 160 in the blind the TC found its mark and I was able to put my first bird on the ground for the 2012 season!

So be sure to check out Jeff “JT” Bottoms at Tines and Spurs Outfitters for some great hunting!