Last fall, my 5 year old son, Wyatt, got to come with Dave and me and watch me harvest a nice doe with my bow. We blood trailed her and he even found where she laid up first. This spring, I thought it would be fun to share in a turkey hunt with him. Dave has been hunting turkeys for the past month all over the country, so I had been waiting for him to say, ok get your tag, you are up. That finally came this past weekend. My parents volunteered to watch Cooper, our two year old for the night, so we could drive down to the cabin close to the farm and not have far to go early in the morning. Cooper was not happy that his parents were leaving him; everything for him right now is… AND ME! He was clinging to Dave’s leg as we tried to leave.

We finally got in the truck and we were on our way to the farm. We were about ¾ of the way there and had to detour off the highway as there was a horrible accident. We finally made it to the farm before fly up, but not soon enough to hunt, so we sat on top of the ridge and watched. We saw a group of four turkeys out in the green grass. Three turkeys broke off and went to the right but one went to the left towards what we call Turkey Point (in the past, this is where gobblers used to like to roost), and sure enough, it was a lone gobbler. Dave even filmed this turkey fly up into the tree and get settled on the branch. We felt good about knowing where this turkey was but I knew that the blind we had set up was a little ways from where this turkey would likely fly down. I thought we could possibly set up a new blind closer to him early in the morning.

3:30 came early and Wyatt got up without too much coaxing. We ate a few donuts and headed out to the field. We noticed right away how light it was and Dave mentioned that this weekend the moon was supposed to be extra bright, so there was no way we could set up another blind without that turkey waking up and seeing us. So we would have to go with the set up we had and hoped he liked our calling.

We got Wyatt settled on the floor of the blind and he took a nap while Dave and I waited. It was soon getting light and Dave began softly calling to try to draw attention to our location. The gobbler was soon answering us with a very loud gobble. Before long he was on the ground and seemed to be coming around the point towards us. Then he seemed to change direction and be going behind us and coming around the other way. In the meantime, three jakes had heard Dave’s calling and came into the decoy. They milled around and before long, they wandered off. The gobbler was still gobbling at us and seemed to still be going around behind us, so Dave and I traded places so he could get better video and I had a better shot at where we thought he was going to come. Wyatt finally woke up with all the commotion and sat behind me. I got his head net on and we were set for the gobbler to show up. I peeked out the side of the blind and saw one of the jakes coming back. I thought that gobbler must be pushing them back towards us and went to look again out that right window. As I did, I heard a cluck to my left and turned and saw the gobbler not even 8 yards away from the blind. He saw some of my movement and came out of strut and definitely acted spooky but he kept coming towards the decoy anyway. I quickly got my gun up and found his head in my site. I heard Dave say, I got him, so I pulled the trigger and he flopped over. I looked back at Wyatt and he had the biggest grin on his face and was laughing and clapping for me.

Turkey hunting is my favorite type of hunting but now being able to share this experience with my kid, it makes it even more exciting and rewarding!

Dave still has a turkey tag for Iowa, so let’s see if he can get it done and be back for Mother’s Day next Sunday!