Well I've never hunted turkeys quite this late but when you get a phone call from Mark Drury himself (a 6 time World Champion caller) and he asks to take me hunting and he will film and call for me...Well you're an idiot if you don't go!

It's just that simple. An opportunity to learn from the best! I couldn't wait!

I roosted 2 birds on my Iowa farm the night before and Mark showed up on time at 5am. We took the Hunt-Ve in to the middle of my farm and Mark let out an owl hoot with his mouth that was so realistic that I almost gobbled myself! Sure enough one of the two birds I roosted rang off and we found a tree to set up.

It was a beautiful brisk morning and we heard several gobbles. The bird we roosted pitched down on the other side of the ditch and didn't work out but we soon heard another gobbler to the north. He was gobbling heavy and Mark said "I think he's coming!". Sure enough, Mark called him in like a farm boy to dinner! That gobbler worked down a fence row all the way to 20 yards. When Mark said "Killem" I hesitated about 2 seconds and that turkey turned right when I shot and I missed him clean. Boy was I embarrassed! Mark said what happened? I just shook my head!!!

Well the morning had just started and we could have been going to breakfast and I blew it! Oh well, now I had more time to watch Mark call!

We took the Hunt-Ve around to the other side of my farm and struck a couple gobblers. The problem was we spotted several jakes pushing the big Toms off. We finally were about to leave and call it a day when Mark looked up and said what's that coming our way. I put up the Nikon binocs and said its a big gobbler. 3 jakes were about 50 yards behind him pushing him our way. We were already in place and Mark made a few calls and here came a new farm boy! He came into about 33 yards and Mark started to say something and BOOM I shot and dropped that turkey in his tracks.

I learned a ton and had a great time with Mark. That's the first time we've hunted together and I had the pleasure of watching him call in two birds versus only one. Worked out to be a blessing that I missed that first bird after all!
Thanks Mark for the memories!

Tom Ware