Overwhelmed with stress to overjoyed with emotions!. That's how I describe Oct 12, 2010 in my tree stand in North Missouri. This story starts back in the winter when Steve and I found out we could submit an application for Dream Season Television. After pouring over hours of footage from that last 5 years and spending hours in front of the computer editing it down we got the call in June saying that we had made the show. We had already been hard at work preparing for the upcoming season and we could not be more excited!

Then slowly the wind was taken out of our sail. It seemed the long hard winter had taken a toll on our deer. Antler size was way down buck numbers were lower. Then finally a few good deer started showing up on our Reconyx cameras. Going in to the season we had our hopes back up but that didn't last long. Great crops in the field, an amazing mass crop and very warm temps had the deer movement as slow as I've seen it in a long time. We watch the Inner Circle on druryoutdoors.com daily trying to get all the info we can from two of the best in the business Mark and Terry Drury.

We hunted oak flats, green Biologic fields, soybeans. You name it we hunted it and NOTHING! More than one time I questioned whether we made the right choice by excepting this challenge but I've never quit anything in my life so it was time for a change. On this evening we were going to a farm we had not hunted all season. We had everything we needed. Cut corn, standing beans, green alfalfa and turnips as well as a returning high pressure system and a perfect north wind! The night was like an evening at Chucky Cheese. All doe's and their youngins running around. I thought to myself here we go again another night of no bucks and as I pulled my facemask down to talk to my partner Steve about taking a doe I looked up and finally got to say the two words I have wanted to say all season " Steve Shooter."

I had to look twice to make sure I wasn't seeing things and I realized I knew this buck. The tight rack ten! A deer I think is 4 years old. As he fed closer my heart raced as the light faded and finally he turns broadside at 42 yards and I settled the pin on the PSE Bowmadness and touched it off making a perfect shot. Thanks to the Rage broadhead the tight rack 10 ran about 75 yards before falling right on the edge of the field.

He's not the biggest buck on the farm but this beautiful 137" Missouri whitetail for sure put the biggest smile on my face and has taken the biggest load off my back. Finally one the board for Team Filley Weldon! To have the chance to take part in Dream Season truly is a Dream for Steve and I!

I might add that the Inner Circle has been a huge help for Steve and I for a small price you can get a wealth of great info from some of the best hunters in world all season long and maybe increase your odds of a deer of a lifetime!

Chuck Weldon