Halloween Weekend!

My costume: Lady Dream Season suit.

Trick-Or-Treating for: A big buck.

As I get older, I have grown out of Trick-Or-Treating and always look forward to gettiing in the woods around Halloween time! Dressing up as a hunter is perfectly fine with me :) Plus, this year was my last Youth Season because I am 15 years old so I wasn’t going to miss out. I promised my dad I would hunt mornings because I was hitting the weather front just right. We had a real good feeling about my upcoming hunts which was very encouraging. After looking at the pictures of all the bucks I was even more excited!

Saturday morning I was up and ready at 6:15am and couldn’t wait to get out there, a little tired though! We were headed to the “honey whole” of our whole northern Missouri farm so I was anxious to see what would walk out this morning. Our Reconyx pictures were revealing several shooters in this field that were there regularly. We got to the box blind before sunrise and I hear my dad say “There’s our big boy!” He spotted our main big shooter we were after, with a doe, but walking the opposite direction. We were just hoping he’d come back before the hunt was over.

As it started getting lighter we’d only seen two does and knew they were going to move sometime. Then, as my dad and I were catching up since we hadn’t seen each other in a while I look up and see this giant buck running straight for the blind. I said “Dad!” and he looked forward and said “That’s him!” Our shooter had come back out with the same doe and I could not believe it. It was all happening so fast so I had absolutely no time to get nervous. I just kept telling myself to not mess this up! My dad thinks a coyote or something bumped them, thank goodness. I got the window open quickly and made the shot at about 55 yards! He ran 150 yards and died on camera which made for an easy track job. I double-lunged him with my pink Thompson Center .223. My buck scored 167 4/8 and was 5 years old. I never imagined killing this big of a buck at his age in my life. It was definitely a dream come true and made for a perfect weekend! Skipping Halloween, once again, paid off!

Good luck to everyone this fall. Be safe.

Taylor :)