Happy Halloween Indeed!

Trick or Treat, give me something good to eat...and by that, I mean venison; not sweets!! As luck would have it, 2010 was the year I would finally kill a deer in October. I hadn’t ever done that before. As you know, spooky things always happen on Halloween and this year it was no different! Fortunately I was the hunter that got to harvest one of those “ghostly” creatures.

As I said in the Kodak journal above, several things lead to killing this deer. Last’s years Reconyx pictures taken in late October, the time of the year (right after the October lull ends and the pre rut begins), the biologic maximum and trophy oats, and the correct weather (weather is always the trump card).

The only thing I didn’t mention in the video clip is that even though I was overjoyed to harvest such an impressive deer, I was also a little sad too. Killing this deer, meant we’d spend the rest of the day tracking, field dressing, taking photos, finishing the video, dragging him out, caping him, and transporting him to the locker. That meant I would miss my daughter, Eloise’s, first ever Halloween! My wife, Kristin, is extremely understanding and very – very supportive. She said, we are just happy you killed one - Eloise won’t even know you’re missing it. And I thought, yes, but I will.

For all of you reading this...you know what I mean. The time, energy, and effort required to kill these big whitetails translates into sacrifice by the rest of the family as well. I for one, make it a point to thank my supporting cast at home while I pursue this passion!!