October 29: Andrew Dent (John William's Grandson)

Andrew Dent's 1st Deer
as told by John Williams

A new deer hunter was born on October 30, 2010. Andrew Dent, my six year old grandson, harvested his first deer. Andrew had been going with us deer hunting for the past couple of years. He usually doesn't like to get up, but when you take him hunting it isn't a problem. I had the TC Contender rifle stock cut down two inches to fit him. We started shooting with him this past summer. His dad told me he was hitting at 50 – 60 yards consistently. Andrew came to visit a couple of weeks ago and Zach and I took him to the shooting range. He was shooting really well for his age.

Opening day of the Missouri youth season found us in the same shooting house that Zach harvested his first deer(Dream Season Seven). The deer movement was unusally slow. We sat all morning without seeing a deer. After lunch we returned to the same shooting house at 1:30. We sat all afternoon without seeing a deer. At 5:20 I saw a doe at about 175 yards. She had Andrew's deer right behind her. The buck chased the doe toward us. They stopped at about 90 yards. The doe wasn't interested and fed out of the field. The buck stayed in front of us broadside in the Biologic Clover Plus field at about 90 yards. Andrew dumped the buck. He was excited. His Grandpa and Dad were really, really excited!! Andrew ask if he could shoot another buck. I told him, I didn't have another buck tag, but he could shoot a doe during regular firearms season. At supper he ask me why I just couldn't go to town and buy him another buck (ticket). He also ask if I would take him turkey hunting next spring. I told him I would be glad to. If you haven't taken a child and introduced them to the outdoors and hunting, you are really missing on a wonderful experience.

PS: My wife told me later that I had hooked Andrew on on deer hunting.