Well it's finally here! It's our first group hunt for Dream Season 8: Workin’ Man at the all famous Hadley Creek Outfitters! As we drove up the hill to the Castle, the only thing we knew for sure was that we both had buck tags and it was Steve’s turn to hunt since he had chased me around the mountains of South West Montana pursuing elk. However, in the back of my mind I knew there was a chance we could possibly leave the great state of Illinois with two bucks, even though only one would come from Hadley Creek.

Flash back to this summer when I got the call from long time friend and Drury team member Rod Owen. He needed a food plot planted on one of his northern Illinois farms and I was about an hour tractor ride away. Rod told me if I could get that done for him he would allow me to hunt his Kansas farm. I told Rod it would not be a problem and needed nothing in return. As we drove to Pike County, Illinois I received a phone call from Rod and he informed me if time permitted we were welcome to hunt his farm in Illinois.

After speaking with the guides at Hadley Creek about Steve filling his doe tag they said that it would not be a problem, but they asked we do it on morning hunts only. We respected their request and that afternoon we talked it over with the team captain and other guys in camp about us heading up to Rods. They understood fully the fact we were only forty-five minutes away and we had really nothing to do in the afternoons. With their blessings, I grabbed the new PSE Dream Season EVO and away we went.

As usual for Steve and me, we were running late but it seemed a weak low pressure system was moving in. Temperatures had cooled off and the wind was blowing twenty mph so we didn't expect to see much away. We had sat about an hour when we saw a few doe's feed out to our right and as I watched them they seem to key in on something to my left and as I turned around I couldn't believe my eyes. There was a big four year old shooter standing in front of us! I turned and grabbed the Nikon range finder and ranged this buck at 46.5 yards. Steve told me he had the deer in frame. I drew the new EVO and tried to settle the pin in the gusty crosswind. I touched the trigger and watch a green lumenok hit its mark right behind the buck’s shoulder.

We gave the deer a little time and to my surprise we didn't find much blood. We made the drive back to Hadley and watched the footage and confirmed it was a great shot and we knew then the buck was down. The next morning we went back and recovered my first out of state buck and to my knowledge the first whitetail buck ever harvested with the new Dream Season EVO! I owe a huge thanks to my buddy Rod Owen, the guys in camp as well as the staff at Hadley Creek Outfitters for allowing this hunt to happen!

I want to wish all the best to Bric Steward and his family during this tough time. Our prayers are with you! Take your time this season and by all means BE SAFE!!