If you have been following the Drury journal this season, then you are probably aware that my partner Jason Bowers and I were selected to be a part of the new Dream Season 8: Workin’ Man television show that will air on the Outdoor Channel next year. Jason and I have worked for years and spent countless hours of traveling, hunting, and producing quality video footage for this opportunity.

After being selected for the upcoming show and finalizing our hunts for the season, it was evident that Jason would be hunting mostly the early season and I would be focusing on the rut and mid-late season. One of my most anticipated hunts of the year was definitely going to be at Hadley Creek Outfitters in Pike County, Illinois.

We arrived at Hadley Creek Outfitters on October 22nd for our first group hunt and went to work immediately on photo shoots, skills challenges, filming, etc. and the anticipation level just kept rising as we were scheduled to hunt on the morning of October 23rd. We hunted hard and had numerous encounters with several nice deer throughout the next couple of days, but just couldn’t seem to get the right deer in range.

As other teams filled their tags and eventually made their voyages back home due to family and work obligations, Jason and I found us as the lone team left at camp. With work obligations and meetings back home in Virginia, Jason was forced to leave and we found ourselves in somewhat of a stringent situation. With a couple of days left to hunt as Stacy Ward had invited us to stay longer, I elected to stay at camp as Jason drove back to Virginia. He agreed to drive thirteen hours back two days later to pick me up as we were determined to fill my Illinois tag.

Upon Jason’s departure, I immediately gave my friend Lukas Jachino a call and he agreed to drive three hours north from southern Illinois and fill in as cameraman. It was the evening of October 29th and we were hunting a box blind in a partially cut corn field where I had hunted the previous two evenings. I had seen tons of deer, including several nice two year old bucks, but nothing worthy of my tag. Our guide, Jared, insisted that we set the corn field every evening as he knew a shooter would eventually show itself.

As the evening progressed, we noticed that the deer were moving earlier and figured if we did see a shooter it would likely be last light. Sure enough, as luck would have it, with the field full of doe’s and small bucks, at last light a shooter appeared from no where and it was decision time. After quickly discussing camera light issues with Lukas, he gave the go ahead. Losing light fast, I quickly ranged the deer at 54 yards, drew my new Dream Season EVO, and released the arrow.

As I watched the green lumenok steam across the field, I clinched with hopes it would hit its mark. At impact, I immediately saw the buck kick and knew the arrow had hit its mark. After a quick review of the footage and high-fives, it was evident I had heart shot the deer at 54 yards in low light conditions. I was amazed and stunned! What a confidence booster. With help from Jared, we recovered the buck as he only ran a total of about seventy yards, thanks to the two-blade rage. What an end to an incredible story, as the Virginia boys’ big gamble paid off for Team Reconyx.