A Dream come true… that’s what this season has been. Roscoe and I got the call on June 4th, notifying us that we were selected to be a part of Dream Season 8: Workin Man.’ We had spent endless hours preparing for that day, only to find out the real work had just begun. Excited and anxious, we started preparing our food plots, planned our hunting trips and saved money for what would be a long marathon of a hunting season.

Fast forwarding to one of the greatest hunting trips of my life…we’re off to HADLEY CREEK OUTFITTERS. The place is absolutely amazing to say the least. We’ve got one day of skill challenges and green screens, and then it’s off to hunt for the next four days.

The weather was warm and windy, definitely difficult to hunt, but the deer were still moving a bit. We saw a few shooter bucks, numerous does, and younger bucks…but nothing had happened. On Wednesday, October 27th, the weather was predicted to change and huge thanks to Stacy Ward, who allowed us stay a few extra days to get the job done.

It was the evening hunt that made the trip…Oct. 27th, west winds, still 20 to 30mph, but colder and high pressure moving through. Our guide, Scott, put us in a deep timber where two ridges met up with a bench along an oak hillside. We were only a few minutes in when we saw the first deer, and twenty minutes in when we saw the first of three shooter bucks.

After two hours in the stand, the buck of a lifetime showed his face down the ridge. Using the new Hyper-Growl call from MAD, we brought him in to 23 yards, and sent a Rage broadhead, launched by my brand new PSE Dream Season EVO, through the heart of a big 10! A broken brow tine put the 5 ½ year old deer at 163 7/8! If you match the other brow, he would have been 168 7/8. My largest buck to date and a dream come true!