Deer hunting is about highs and lows, this story proves to be no different.

November 2nd, is a day I will never forget. I had my dad, Mark, behind the camera. It’s cold. We have a northeast wind and the best Big Game tree stand site I have ever set. It’s perfectly placed where two major trails parallel a creek. Every deer should be within bow range. When the time is right, this is where I’ll be found.

It wasn’t until right at dark when the action happened. There were deer running everywhere when dad said THE WORDS....BUCK COMING! Twenty yards and closing, a deer I’ve watched grow over the years is coming directly down the closest trail. Eight seconds later, there’s an arrow in the ground and a confused look on my face.

My first reaction was that I shot low...until I heard him crash less than one hundred yards away. Talk about highs and lows...one second I was sick, the next I have a dead deer. We got down, got the arrow and found blood everywhere.

A short track job and the Long Tine 8 was down. I’ve got 3 years of pictures and passed him several times in 2009. With 24 inch beams and over 5 inch bases, he grosses 144 inches and only has 1 1/8 inches of deductions. Another great deer down for Roscoe and me and Dream Season Workin’ Man.

Jon Dittmer
Dream Season 8: Workin’ Man
Team Reconyx baby!