November 7: Matt Drury

Well about 17-20 days later….I finally got my bow buck on the ground for the year!  After all those morning and evening sits the biggest surprise was how quickly it was over this morning….by 6:39 A.M. a great Missouri deer came running through the timber dogging a doe and by 6:43 A.M. he made a fatal decision by turning broadside and following a lady to his death!  Another good man bites the bullet chasing a girl.  

The rut was definitely happening here in the area of Northern Missouri that we are hunting.  I've seen more chasing and dogging then I have my entire life.  Aaron Bennett and myself have had encounter after encounter with great 2 and 3 year old bucks, but they just weren't the bucks we were looking for.  We've also had awesome encounters with some absolute giants, but like 'shooters' always do they seemed to skirt the treestand over and over again.  

Aaron had to head back to St. Louis on Sunday night after our evening hunt and it just so happened that dad and his camera guy Ryan Narup showed back up to the Missouri camp Sunday evening so Ryan volunteered to video me Monday morning for one last hunt before the Missouri Gun Season opened up on Saturday.  I hated it that Bennett had to head home, but knew that it might be lucky to switch it up and go with the hot hand in Ryan…..after-all he filmed dad kill 2 great bucks in a few day period.  

As luck would have it it didn't even take 20 minutes of daylight to seal the deal.  This buck gave me a great broadside shot at 20 yards and I made him pay.  Hit him at 20 yards and he fell over dead at 30!  He only ran a few yards before tipping over…something I had never experienced with a bow harvest before.  The Rage broadhead was absolutely lethal!  I couldn't believe how quickly it all happened after all that time!  But then again, I had nothing on the old man….close to 50 days straight hunting before he harvested his buck…he always has to out do me!

The video was a 12 on the scale of 1-10!  Ryan did a great job……so be sure to check it out on Bow Madness Season 4 on Outdoor Channel Summer of 2011!  

Be safe the rest of the season and good luck in all your hunting adventures!