November 5: Adam Kuehn

After becoming a Drury Outdoors Team Member I knew I had to step it up this year and try my hardest to get a buck on the ground with my bow, but I knew that it wouldnt be an easy task.

I hunted day in and day out all season and it was always to dark or the deer were to far off. Then the weekend of November the 6th my dad asked me if I wanted to go to Northern Missouri and I jumped on the opportunity! I knew that this would be my best chance to get in on some big buck action.

After getting off from school we headed up to our farm in time to hunt that evening and had a great encounter with a 4 year old buck, but just couldnt close the deal. The following morning we got up and picked the stand location that we were goin to hunt...it was a grass field between two hollows of woods and we knew there were alot of great deer in the area. Shortly after getting in the stand deer started running everywhere and the bucks were grunting and does bleating. I just knew there was goin to be something happen after seeing 10 does and 5 bucks from 1 to 3 years old!

I grabbed the horns and grunt call and it wasn't long before we had bucks around us, but nothing that we were looking for. Then I looked over and saw horns coming out into the field and knew right away who the buck was. We had a lot of photos of him and knew he was a buck to shoot. Quickly there after he was in bow range so I stood up and drew the bow, but there was a limb in the way! He was on the trail of a doe and I knew that I had to do something so I bent down and let the arrow fly....knowing right away it was a good shot. So I got down and right away found blood and shortly after found the buck in a highline field.

This buck was very special to me because it was the first buck i have ever shot with my bow. It was a great weekend not only because of shooting a deer, but spending time with my dad and anytime I get to do that makes for an awesome weekend!

Next up Missouri gun season and hopefully there are some giants hit the ground.