November 8: Greg Glesinger

Greg Glesinger Iowa Bow Kill:
“The Time is Now  - 5 1/2 Year Old”

Being November the 3rd and everyone in camp fired up for the Rut, there wasn’t much to get fired up about. The information we were sharing with each other regarding deer movement, was not good. All the information was coming in the same, no movement of mature deer. We had people sitting in timber and on food (corn, beans, and biologic) reporting the same thing. No one was seeing anything older and 3.5yr olds. After several days of the same results, we were all very concerned that the rut was slipping away form us due to the warm temperatures.

The evening of the 8th it all changed. We observed signs of what we were waiting to see! Older deer were starting to come to the food and not eat – but looking and walking. In fact, Justin Lurk killed a mature buck doing just that. After seeing that kind of activity we decided it was time to dive into the timber for the morning’s hunt!

Being that 9 is my favorite number, as it’s now November the 9th the time is now! I had a really good feeling walking to the stand I call “the Pinch”. Traditionally, it’s been my best spot for seeing mature bucks cruising thru the timber. I try to save it for the magical time when people start saying – it has popped – the rut is on! This location is deep in the farm but funnels deer movement within bow range. There is more buck sign in this location than anywhere else on this farm - period!

After getting situated in the tree, the time wasn’t long, by 7:15 we saw a big mature deer in the distance. We let him do his thing until he starting heading away from us. At that point I realized I needed to try everything and anything to turn him around. So I grunted - no reaction, snort wheezed - nothing...He’s leaving us!!! I grabbed the horns, hit em together and bam – he turned and headed our way. The closer he got, the slower he walked, and moved his head back and forth, back and forth – looking for the bucks making all that racket. Finally he walked within 19 yards and I put the Rage on a one way flight to his rib cage! Thinking I 12 ringed him, I was jacked up to see or hear him fall. That didn’t happen! I saw him run off but I never saw or heard him fall. My confidence was going down the toilet fast! So we waited an hour and backed out to review the footage.

With the help of Jared and Justin Lurk and Adam Keith reviewing the footage we all agreed he was down by TKO from my PSE. My confidence was back to full throttle after seeing the footage. Upon tracking the deer we found him within 50 yards of the stand, the reason we didn’t hear or see him fall was he crashed in a five foot ditch. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when hunting these big guys.

Jared jokingly said, “You knew he was dead all along – you just wanted us to help drag this monster out of the woods.” Without Jared & Justin all of this wouldn’t have happened. A BIG Thank You goes out to you two!

Hunting is a great sport to share with family and friends and I have to say I meet a new friend this week! Adam Keith was behind the camera all week with a great sprit and attitude even when things were not looking so good. Thanks for laying this all down – my first ever video buck and 2nd largest ever!!

Lastly a huge Thanks goes out to my wife Lisa and my two children, Nicole and Derek for allowing me to pursue my “Bow Madness”.