Fifteen days ago big brother and I left out for our long Midwest road trip. We had the truck loaded and we were ready to get out of the south! First stop is Hadley Creek Outfitters for the group hunt with the Dream Season 8: Workin’ Man cast. After a successful hunt there, we were on the way to my good buddy Ryan Warden’s place in Kansas.

October 29 found us on the road heading west to Misty Morning Outfitters (www.mistymorningoutfitters.com) in Kansas. I had already been out there in September hanging stands, so I knew what was in store! The hunt started the next day with little brother up to bat first. South winds and warmer temperatures brought only does out of the timber.

The next five days were slow overall. Jesse Fulwider and Mike Marsteller made it into camp. These are the boys from Indiana that are on Dream Season TV as well. Colder temperatures and north winds made for perfect hunting conditions, but the bucks were definitely not rocking. We had a couple deer in mind, one of which we nicknamed the “wide ten”. This was a buck to target in the afternoons. First time into the spot, the wide ten comes in just after filming light. After getting a good look at him, I knew this was definitely going to be a deer that I would love to put my tag on. We were going to wait for good winds to hunt him because we have plenty of time to get it done. Our mornings were spent seeing tons of bucks, but young ones. We saw a few shooters, but they were too way too far for the brand new PSE EVO.

The afternoon of November 3 was our second time in after the wide ten. Howling winds caused for slow movement, with only one doe by our stand. Where were the bucks? It’s November 3! The next evening found us sitting a different spot with no luck. Last thing we wanted to do was put too much pressure on our “money spot”.
The morning of November 5 was slow. Temperatures in the low 20s and high pressure, these deer should be everywhere! During the mid day hours, big brother and I studied some new farms that Ryan had acquired. We found a spot to hang another set, and away we went to hang it. We had an hour to get it done and to head to the “money spot”. 5:00 P.M rolls around and were scrambling to get in the deer stand. The winds were calm and the temps were cool. After doing the pre hunts and interviews we were finally situated in our stands. One hour later, we hear a deer coming down the creek bed right towards our stand. The wide ten it is! After stopping behind some thick cover at 50 yards, the wide ten turns and started walking away. I immediately grabbed the MAD Growl call and blew it a few times. After a few quiet minutes, the wide ten is turns around and starts to circle wide to the right of our stand. Perfect! After walking out in the clearing from the creek bank the wide ten turns and starts walking away from us. The opportunity is now, and I’m not passing it. The PSE and Rage combination together only gave the buck a 20 yard death run. The wide ten was down and the Alabama boys were celebrated with number three! My biggest buck to date with a bow and first with my new PSE Dream Season EVO. The Bema boys are on an all time high as big brother is back up to bat in Kansas.

Thanks to Misty Morning Outfitters once again for letting we come out. Ryan and Tanner truly have some big Kansas bucks. This is a Dream Season thus far!