November 12: Matt Drury

The Flood Gates Have Opened!

Well…seems like that old saying "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" reared it's head at me again! I've literally heard it my whole life, but I've never been so happy to have those words ring true as I was today! After 20 days or so hunting I arrowed a great buck on Monday Nov 8th and much like dad…once I had that first one down it didn't seem long until things fell in place for me to harvest my 2nd deer in less then 6 days. I didn't hunt 50 straight days like dad, but it felt like it sometimes as I passed a lot of great looking bucks waiting on a mature one.

Funny thing is I wasn't in the timber Saturday morning for opening day of the Missouri Firearms season for very long. We had devised a plan the night before to try and hone in on a couple of mature deer that we had showing up on the Reconyx pics…some with awesome racks and some that were just mature bucks that probably needed to be harvested. It was a really cold/windy/rainy type of a Missouri morning…felt like what deer season should be all about! Well, just so happens that dad and Mark may be two of the most prepared hunters when it comes to any type of adverse conditions blowing in. We have box blinds strategically placed around the property for just this type of scenario. And before you roll your eyes and say, "Oh, just another box blind hunt!"…guess what, I was nice and warm in that baby and wouldn't change a thing about it :) Given the chance, there isn't a hunter out there that wouldn't sit in one of those believe me.

A few does came walking by the blind early on in the morning around 7:10. They were acting a little spooky and we couldn't exactly tell if it was the wind that had them a little fidgety or if a buck was hot on their trail! Only minutes later we had our answer. This awesome 11 pointer came running up the hill side and within bow range of the blind….well of course we had a little drama. I was borrowing Ryan Narup's (dad's camera guy) Thompson Center and he is a lefty. So he had the hammer put on the left side of the gun to make it easy for a lefty to cock. Well, I guess I wasn't a very good Eagle Scout and didn't check that out ahead of time. When that buck stood there at 30 yards for what seemed like an eternity and let me try and cock the hammer I couldn't believe it! Aaron Bennett had a sense of urgency in his voice as he proclaimed "ANYTIME!". I finally got it cocked and threw the gun up…put the scope on him and pulled the trigger!

The Thompson Center dropped him where he stood and for the second time in six days I had a buck laying 30 yards from me first thing in the morning! No blood trail required.

Safe hunting to all out there and make sure you identify your targets! -Matt