November 13: Lee Novotny

I did not have a lot of time to hunt Minnesota this year. Early season was a bit slow for me and with work responsibilities wasn’t able to get into the tree stand as much as I would have liked. Eric sat with me a few times in September without any luck.

We spent the end of October and first part of November in Iowa with Booty trying to harvest a biggin, leaving me little time to hunt Minnesota. When he FINALLY got the job done in Iowa I was up to bat and it did not take long. We headed to Minnesota right after Eric killed in Iowa. My first morning hunt on November 14 was chilly and calm and does roamed around us all morning. I was beginning to wonder if there were any bucks in the area after about the 15th doe walked by. But just as frustration was setting in, Booty saw a rack coming toward us.

I thought he was going to walk right in, but there were still does around us and the buck was making his rounds checking them. He started to follow one of the does that was walking to my left, in a spot I did not have a shot. I was sure they were going to walk off together. Then out of nowhere, a coyote popped up directly between the doe and this buck. The doe continued off and the buck took a left turn down on a trail leading him in front of me.

My patience was wearing thin as the buck stood in front of me at twenty yards facing me for what felt like eternity. I waited and waited and finally he decided to continue down the trail providing me a perfect broad side shot. He expired within only twenty yards. The second week of November proved to be successful for both Eric and I, with hopes this luck would continue into Kansas.