November 13: Craig Morgan

Through the years, I’ve come to learn of the many different bucks we’ve been hunting only through the lens of a Wildlife Eye or Reconyx camera.  Terry and I live and die by a perimeter style of hunting that seldom puts us in the heart of a buck’s bedding area.  No doubt, this was the case of the Main Place 8.

This buck has lived on my farm since the day I bought it.  I literally have thousands of photos of this buck, but until November 14 of this year, I have never laid eyes on him.  He was always there, but never moved during daylight.  Over the last two years I have hunted the area he lives in with full intent of killing him.

I invited country music singer Craig Morgan and Franklin Ford, producer of All Access Outdoors, to hunt my Missouri farm for opening weekend of rifle season.  Much to my surprise, on a night where I did an Inner Circle interview predicting little deer movement, we would encounter a six and a half year old mega-giant!  The rut comes and goes in a bell type curve.  There are few does in early with lots of buck activity.  At the peak, there are lots of does in with very little buck activity.  The tail end of the curve typically hits around November 15-20, once again with few does in and a lot of buck activity.  In the past, I have noticed a tendency of older buck to show themselves during this period, when they won’t during other times of the fall.

Such was the case when this six and a half year old wandered into a standing bean field right at sunset.  For ten to fifteen minutes, he walked slowly in, as if he had arthritis.  He was so slow to the point he drove the three of us crazy waiting for a shot.  Finally, at 150 yards, he turned broadside, and with three cameras rolling, our first sighting of the big eight would be the last.  Craig made a great shot and closed the chapter on the gigantic Missouri main frame eight.

To my knowledge, he was without question the oldest buck on my Missouri farm.  It was so very satisfying to see him walk out.  Craig rolled into camp about eleven that morning.  We had fun in camp and caught up on old times.  Within two hours of hitting the blind that evening, Craig’s Missouri season was over!  I have been looking forward to this hunt for a long, long time because I am a huge Country fan and love Craig’s work!  Anyone who has ever met him knows just how energetic and what a great hearted person he really is.  It’s easy to see why he’s had so much success.

I’d like to personally thank Craig for accepting my invitation, and I look forward to sharing the story of this great eight pointer on Whitetail Madness 14 and All Access Outdoors.  Oh, and by the way, his new CD rocks!