November 12: Jeff Lindsey

“Buckstache Luck”

I’m not sure if it was the crazy midwest weather, the lack of a November rut or me just being in an old fashioned slump. I had just been unlucky since the calendar had turned to Slovember. I had a couple close calls on a buck I was hunting but lady luck was not on my side (neither was the limb that jumped in the way of my arrow). So we decided to mix things up a bit, no “Buckhawk” this year though, we were going with the “Buckstache”, check out the Inner Circle to see how these facial additions appeared.

The morning of the 13th, we seen our first north westerly wind in over a week and decided to head to a stand we call “Jerry’s Hill”. It has produced a couple real bruisers in the middle of November the last 2 years, so we were giving it a shot. We put on our ScentBlocker Downpour rain suits and headed to face the conditions. At first light I noticed a mature buck I knew as “Uno” cruising the hillside. I gave him a couple of grunts and he headed straight for us. At 5 yards from the tree, he made the mistake of pausing just long enough where Lil’ Jon could get some over the shoulder footage of the rage slicing a ginormous hole through his side. He ran 50 yards and fell over and I had my first Iowa buck of the year.

I had named this 5 year old buck “Uno” this year because he came by me last year locked down with a doe with all the points on his main beam broken off but his single G3’s. That got him the free pass last year, however I was a little disappointed at first this year when we started getting pics of him and his rack had actually shrunk by about 10 inches. This had happened to a few of our bucks this year, probably from our severe winter last year coupled with our over abundance of rain this spring. “Uno” had been pretty much the same size since he was 3 years old so I knew if I got the opportunity to let the air out of him this year, I was going to. I was very happy to have a mature buck on the ground and am really looking forward to the last half of November!