November 14: John O'Dell

Well it was one year later and Dave and I found ourselves headed to hunt with our good friends Cole and Cody Winther of South West Iowa Outfitters www.southwestiowaoutfitters.com . Cole and Cody have some incredible whitetail deer hunting and after the hunt Dave and I experienced last year I could not wait to climb into the stand. Unfortunately for me my hunt was going to be cut short due to work and family obligations so things would have to happen fast as I literally had a day and a half to hunt. With such a limited time to hunt I was really excited when I checked the weather forecast and wind direction. With highs in the low 40's and a SW wind I knew where we would be hunting. It was the same stand that Dave had harvested his 150" 10 pointer the year before for Bow Madness.

After game planning with Cole, Dave and I decided to let the sun come up and then use out Nikons to slip into our stand undetected and then sit all day. Well you know what they say about the best laid plans. We did not exactly make it to the stand undetected and although we planned to sit all day luckily for me that did not happen either. After getting over spooking a few deer on the way to the stand I collected myself and let things calm down. Not more than an hour into the hunt I decided to hit the horns. Just like it was scripted a 135" 9 pt came right in to within 10 yards of where Dave shot his buck last year. Fortunately for me I was able to execute a lethal shot and we watched the buck expire from the tree. I was pretty pumped up and to have such a limited time to hunt and to seal the deal so quickly was more than I could have asked for.

The only bad thing was that I would not be able to hunt some of the true giants that roam Cole and Cody's farms. Oh well there is always next year!!

Now Amy is up to bat so hopefully Dave's luck behind the camera will continue!

Good Hunting!