Over the past few years it has become a yearly tradition for me, shotgun season at Lodge Two Five. Well this year was no different, Jim called me a few weeks ago to set up the dates and he also texts me a few pictures of some of the deer that we would be chasing. One of those deer in particular we knew very well through Reconyx pictures taken over the past years but we had let to lay eyes on this Illinois giant, this deer was fittingly named King.

The week before the gun opener Jim’s camp was full of friends and family. Terry Drury, his camera man Ryan, Ben Rising his partner Kenny, Matt Drury and of course Jim’s brothers and his dad. Upon my arrival we all had sat over an amazing dinner in town to reconnect and also to strategize about where to hunt in the morning. That morning rolled around very fast and was very frosty and cold, not much deer movement happened for us nor anybody else. Over lunch Jim and I looked over a map of his farm discussed wind, food and access to different blinds, we landed on a blind called “the pinch” and we knew that we had a very good chance at seeing one of the three monster shooters living in the timber surrounding the field.

That afternoon we had Terry droppped us off at the base of the stand in the truck so we would not leave any ground scent. So we climbed in our blind and waited. It started off very slow with nothing moving, and then all of a sudden Jim grabbed his Nikon’s and pressed them to the window and said BIG BUCK BIG BUCK!!! He was running through our field dogging a doe. The deer piled into the timber with me only getting a glimpse of him, but we both thought it was the deer known as “King”. After that hot doe ran through our night got very interesting, bucks started to pour out of the woods onto the field but King had the doe in the timber and would not let her out. We had bucks all over in the field including a very nice 150’s six year old buck that walked right by the stand. We talked it urgently over and decided King had to step back out so we passed the six year old. Thank the Lord not long after our decision to pass on a great shooter King stepped back out and he did not disappoint in size. As he walked down the timber edge making a scrape all we could say is its King, he’s a monster. Then reality set back in and it was time to try and get a slug in this giant. As Jim settled in on him the first time I was in between moving windows and was not on the deer, but as soon as I got over the shoulder of him and the deer in frame I said “I’m on him”. That’s when Jim squeezed the trigger and we watched the deer go down in the field, emotions were flying high and the celebration began. It was an unbelievable feeling seeing that deer down in the field knowing that we had been chasing him for four years and this was the first time we had ever seen him with our own eyes.

The celebration continued that night and there were many pictures and phone calls made about this deer. There is absolutely no better way to spend a November Friday night gawking over a 180 inch deer, and there is absolutely no where else that I would rather spend my time in the woods then with the people at Lodge Two Five.

As told by: Tim Seigler