November 15: Jason Bowers

After 1,400 miles and twenty-two hours of driving, which I done the majority of, and after filming Matt harvest his second south Texas whitetail in two years, it was finally my turn. I hadn’t had a chance to put the new PSE Dream Season EVO to work yet, but not a better place than south Texas.

It wasn’t until the afternoon of November 15th that it was finally my time to shine. Matt and I climbed into two tripod stands that overlooked a heavily traveled corridor between food and bedding. With recent sightings of several nice mature bucks in the general area I felt confident that one would make his presence known.

That afternoon we saw several small bucks early, but it wasn’t until later that we saw our first shooter. He was a heavy horned mature nine pointer with a split brow tine. He was walking directly into our shooting lane, had closed the distance to 30 yards and that’s when it happened. You guessed it. A mature doe had circled down wind and the rest was history. The buck became very weary and took his chosen path, not ours, and split the scene.

After a feeling of disgust and no deer in sight, Matt caught a glimpse of a beautiful high rack eight pointer over my left shoulder. Along with a young buck, they preceded to walk directly into my line of fire at eleven yards. With the two bucks standing at only eleven yards for several minutes, Matt and I decided that he just needed one more year. The afternoon’s hunt then ended uneventful.

The next morning we headed back to the same set well before daylight. At first light I noticed movement to my left and caught a glimpse of two deer. As we gained light and the deer began to move closer, I immediately noticed that it was the mature nine pointer that we had seen the afternoon before. As he slowly moved closer and into my shooting lane, Matt gave me the green light.

With my Dream Season EVO at full draw my opportunity was finally here. With a quick squeeze of my release, I knew that I had just taken my first south Texas whitetail. After finding blood we tracked and recovered my deer at about 200 yards. It was all smiles once again for the Virginia boys as TEAM RECONYX had struck again.