November 10: Jacob Eugster

We have been hunting hard these last two weeks trying to get some arrows flying. But we have had no luck. We have seen many doe and some big bucks at a distance but none in shooting range.

My dad asked me where I thought we should go one night and I told him we should go to the stand that he and I put up earlier this summer. I made a good choice.

About a half hour after getting positioned in the stand a pair of does came and then left. About twenty minutes later a doe came out, then another, then another. Finally there were like eight does out in the corn field across from the Biologic Clover Patch Plus. All we could hear was the sound of deer eating and walking through the corn.

About an hour of patiently waiting a doe stepped out and walked broad side at about 30 yards. I got ready and shot. She must have seen the arrow coming because she ducked right out of it. She ran off but stayed nearby in shooting range. So I shot again but I used my 40 yard pin on accident and the arrow went flying way over her. Then she came in at 15 yards and she was focused on the lit Lumenok stuck in the ground from the first shot. So I saw this as a good opportunity so I let another arrow fly. This time it went right trough her. The Rage went right though her lungs and she ran 40 yards and dropped dead.

About a week later we came back to that same stand hoping to get a big buck. There were combines out on the other side of the woods we were in, and we were hoping they would drive some deer over to our side that we were on. We sat quietly for about two hours without any luck.

Then a buck stepped out from behind some brush. I then recognized him we saw him earlier in the same stand two times. He then walked out at 10 yards and I let an arrow fly. It went tearing though both lungs again. He ran out into the corn field and we never saw him again. We tracked him 50 yards and decided to go home and watch the tape to be sure of the shot.

We came back two hours later and found him dead about 50 more yards from where we tracked him from earlier. He died on his feet. Thanks to Scentblocker I would have never got him because he was directly down wind form us when I shot.

I’m looking forward to a good year yet.