November 18: Aaron Dent (John William's Son In Law)

I have hunted with my son-in-law, Aaron Dent for the past 15 years. It has been hit and miss the past 4 or 5 years because he is active duty Army. He was stationed in Ft Lewis, Washington and that made it hard to spend much time in the deer woods. Now that he is stationed at Ft Leonard Wood, finding time to hunt is much easier.

He was with me this fall when his son, my grandson Andrew harvested his first deer. He decided to take a weeks leave this fall and spend time in the North Missouri woods. Hunting has been really tough this fall. I've heard many reasons for this: the rutt, acorns, hot weather. Whatever the reason the deer just didn't come to the green fields like they usually do. We hunted hard everyday for the first six days of the season. We just didn't see a deer he wanted to shoot. On our seventh morning, while sitting on a Biologic Clover Plus and Green Patch Plus field, it all came together. A shooter buck came in with six mature does. We knew this buck.. Zach had nicknamed him “Tank”. He was a big 5 ½ year old 8 pointer. We had numerous Reconyx pictures of him. He put on a show in the Biologic before Aaron put him down with the TC Encore 308.

Aaron and Andrew are both looking forward to our next hunting adventure hopefully Andrew's first gobbler next spring. I'm not killing as much as I used to, but I'm sure having fun watching these younger guys harvest these magnificent animals.