November 17: Steve Filley

It was November 18th and what a beautiful night for sweet redemption. Let’s rewind the pages back to October 3rd, when I asked my buddy Jeremy Borges if he would mind filming for me, as Chuck was busy. Without hesitation, he agreed to help and offered his assistance anytime Chuck or I needed him.

Well, the first evening, we had an eventful one, as I had an encounter with a beautiful 3 yr. old 8 pointer. He came out of a draw at about 6:30 p.m. and was walking toward us; it was about 400 yards to our location from where he entered the field. That was the most exciting, yet frightening thing for me as I had to watch the deer as he was approaching our location. As he walked to within 25 yards I drew back with my PSE Bow Madness and held it for what seemed like an eternity, until he gave me a perfect broadside shot. I released the Radial X weave arrow and watched as it peeled the hair from the back of the deer.

Jeremy and I watched as the buck ran out of sight; both in total disbelief as to what had happened as this was a chip shot for me. I guess buck fever had gotten the best of me.
Now fast forwarding to the 18th of November, I had asked my friend Wilson Tolen if he would mind filming me as Chuck would be filming his nephew, Hunter. Wilson agreed and said he would be out at 3:00 p.m. I decided that with the wind from the south I had the perfect stand location for the evening hunt.

We climbed into the stand we call the cult sac stand, which is on the northwest corner of our favorite food plot. Three-fourths of it is in standing soybeans and the other one-fourth is in biologic maximum. We would be in close proximity to the soybean side of the plot. It wasn’t long before we spotted our first deer and it happened to be a small spike and I told Wilson not to worry that the field would fill up before dark. Soon after, we had several does and smaller bucks running around in the plot. At about 4:15, I noticed a good buck coming around the corner from the southwest and he was coming right toward our stand location. As he approached to within 60 yards, I asked Wilson if he was on him and he gave me the green light to take the shot.

As I cocked the hammer back on our brand new Thompson Center Dream Season Omega and steadied the sights on the buck I pulled the trigger and waited for the smoke to clear. When it did, I noticed the buck was still standing there, untouched by the T/C shockwave. I stood there in disbelief as I had shot the gun the week prior right out of the box it was near dead on at 100 yards. I told Wilson that I was going to attempt to reload and try to get off another shot.

As the buck settled back into eating in the soybeans, I quietly reloaded the T/C and steadied for yet another shot as the deer had actually moved to 36 yards broadside. I asked Wilson if he was ready and when he gave me the go ahead the old smoke pole barked and the Shockwave found its mark right in the boiler room of the beautiful 8pt that I had actually missed on the 3rd of October. Not until Chuck showed up did I realize that this was the same buck and he had a nasty scar across his back to prove that it was him. And another one down for team Reconyx!!!!