November 11: Ken Barteau

SITUATION: 12 November 2010, Illinois, Partly Cloudy, 40 degrees

Seek-out and harvest a November whitetail buck with archery tackle without being detected and without mission failure

With Joe’s buck tagged and in the cooler it was time to move on to Ken’s Hadley adventure. Ken arrived in Pike at the lodge on the afternoon of 1 November with high hopes of downing one of those Hadley Creek giants! Little did we know that the weather and good old Murphy’s Law would put a damper on that? We had some great encounters with super nice 3 ½ year olds and some busted up brutes that anyone would’ve loved to kill but Ken was on the quest of a High Value Target just a little bigger and not so busted up.  It wasn’t until the last day that we had the encounter that we were looking for but Murphy stepped in and with miscommunication between him and I the buck walked by at 15 yards, Ken at full draw with no shot taken. So with our hearts on our sleeve and our bags packed, it was off to a few counties northeast and our lease.

The weather was the same…HOT…but the deer seemed to move better in the evening where we had some great encounters with our biggest HVTs, Slingblade and Sergeant York; unfortunately, either it was a little to dark for video or they wouldn’t commit.

On the 12th with a little cooler weather ushered in and while giving the pre-hunt interview a buck came in that neither Ken nor I recognized. It was a cruiser intruder…and he made a bad mistake on that day!
The buck closed the distance to 20 yards and gave Ken the good quartering away shot as the arrow left the bow with pin point accuracy…and I guess you know the rest of the story…well its history.

Well the rut hunt for us is over but the good thing is that late season is just around the corner and we have the top 3 HVTs to hopefully engage.

Mission complete!
Until next time… waiting for helicopter extraction and follow-on orders