November 28: Zach Cain

Story told by Zach-
Well my story starts back on July 13th of this year. I was in an accident and got my right arm caught in a conveyor belt. It tore up my arm pretty bad, but I was lucky in 2 ways. 1)I still had my arm and 2)I had just missed the main artery and the main tendons that went to my fingers. Even the Dr was amazed that I missed both. I had to have 2hrs of surgery to repair the muscle because it was cut in half. After about a month of recovery and healing I was able to start rehab. I went to rehab for 2 months 3 times a week. When I started I had 10lbs of strength in my bad arm and 96lbs in my good arm. Once I got to 43lbs of strength, they told me I didnt have to come back anymore, but to continue working at regaining strength at home. (you can read more of the story of my arm on my dad's blog : http://druryoutdoors.blogspot.com/search/label/Ben%20Rising )

I tried and tried to regain strength to be able to pull my bow back, but it just wasnt happening. I can now barely pull it back, but I can't hold it and more worried about dry firing it than I am of being able to hunt with it. Sooo it didn't take long to realize that I won't be bowhunting this year.

Fortunatley I live in an area where we get opening day of shotgun season off!! So we made plans to have my dad take my brother and dad got a friend of his to film me. The morning hunt was nonproductive. So we opted to go home, eat lunch and rest up for the evening hunt. We got back out there and it wasn't long before we had deer. A nice 9pt came out and I took the shot. He dropped where he stood. At first we thought he was going to get back up, so I shot at him again, but missed. Guess I was a little more shaken than I thought. Didn't matter anyways, because he never got back up!!

I was happy with just being able to get out and hunt at all, but this buck was the topping on the cake. To top it off, I got home and found out my brother Jarrod got one too!! Couldn't of been a better day.