November 30: Doug Hampton

The Quest for Double Deuce

The story begins in the summer of 2009, when we secured the lease on a new piece of ground in Kansas. To our surprise the first time we checked our Reconyx cameras we had several shooters. Which included Double Deuce, even though some were larger and older Doug was mesmerized by Double Deuce and set his sights on him and him only.

The fall of 09' brought hundreds of pics but no sightings until December 22nd when only a small twig saved his life, but that is another story

When we put the cameras out and planted our food plots in late August I couldn't wait to pull the cards and see what shooters had made it. To my surprise, just like most older deer he had become rather illusive, for one solid month no pictures. Then like magic one cool, foggy morning he appeared and had blown into a true Kansas giant. That was a phone call I am sure Doug will never forget when I mentioned the words "He's back and a giant." The only thing left now was to formulate a plan to kill a 6 1/2 year old monarch.

After many phone conversations, about strategy and when we thought we could kill him the gauntlet was dropped. Two stands hung in two different trees on a fence crossing 400 yds from his bedroom. November 3rd cool and crisp northeast winds after two hours of sitting with zero deer sighted Doug asks, "Do you think I should rattle?" I shake my head yes, when all of the sudden I see a doe trotting across the CRP and tell Doug to hold up. When we look down there he is like a ghost 15 yds right underneath us(PICKED OFF!!!). Our hearts sank, through the crossing he went and to our astonishment we watched him walk 400 yds through the CRP to his bedroom. The next morning we seen him again but he was already locked down with a doe, with young bucks pestering him all morning, we were screwed.

After Doug makes two more trips to Kansas and passed up many other P&Y bucks it is the last night of bow season before rifle season opens on December 1st. But it's one of those nights as a deer hunter you live for dying winds, high pressure, and the coldest temps. of the year. So we are headed to a secluded food plot, ground blind, and close to Double Deuce's bedroom. After two hours Doug finally sees some deer coming through the CRP and the parade begins. Doe, doe, doe, rattler buck, spike, 4_point, (ITS HIM!!) and from Doug's breathing I didn't have to ask who him was!!!! After a few anxious moments with all the deer in the field Double Duece finally presented Doug with the shot he had waited his whole hunting career for. With the release of the arrow and it hitting its mark, Doug could not contain it anymore. Two years, thousands of miles, and thousands of pictures, and finally the quest for Double Duece is over!

All we need to know now is who's next Wrap Around, Twinkie, Watermelon Head, Bobby Joe, Prodigy, or an unknown. AS ALWAYS EVERYONE BE SAFE!!

Told by Rod Owen