Well, I feel like it's becoming work now climbing out of bed every morning at 5am to go sit in a cold tree. Then I reminded myself that I do this for a hobby and I'm supposed to love it and I wouldn't change anything!!! I have to admit I was getting an itchy trigger finger. I had passed several Whitetails that were true trophies looking for a monster. That monster had never shown himself and November was almost over.

I think in the back of my mind I had already committed to killing the first mature whitetail I see no matter what the score. It would re-energize this aging body of mind and somehow bring some youth into these bones. If somehow, I could just get some antler on the ground.

Well, a past hunting guide of mine and old friend Jason Eads was coming to my home to film me for 4 days while my hunting partner Klem had to work He had successfully filmed me for 2 whitetail harvests in the past and I was hoping he was my lucky charm. The first evening we sat in a funnel located in between 2 food sources. It also acted as a bedding area but was very easy to access without bumping anything too bad. We had a strong SE wind and were suppose to have the same wind the next day. It was down out of the wind so Jason and I decided to hunt the same stand the next morning and hope to see a buck cruising, looking for that last doe.

The plan worked to perfection. We saw a big bodied deer behind an oak tree by himself. We had just watched 2 does pass by on the same trail. He showed himself and I instantly knew it was time to relieve my itchy finger and put some bone on the ground. He continued in our direction and I stopped him at 36 yards. I released and I could see the bright red Luminock hit him 6 inches farther back than I had hoped. I knew it would be a lethal hit and also knew I would wait until the next morning to look for this deer.

Without going into extreme detail about this amazing story, we actually miraculously found the buck 600 to 700 yards away from the stand where I shot him. We were in another stand we had decided to hunt that next morning as we were waiting for the deer movement to subside before looking for my buck. Jason says to me "I see a dead deer under a bunch of brush at about 60 yards". My cameraman Jason who we had all nicknamed "Eagle Eye" back in the Bucks BeWare Outfitter days has eyes much better than the average person! I looked with my Nikon binoculars and could barely see a leg of a deer. I told him we would check it out at 9 am when we had decided to go look for my buck. I told him "That would be really nice if that was my buck", but knew that he would have had to travel in a different direction than we anticipated and much farther as well.

My eyes could not believe it when we walked over to the dead deer at 9 am. I knew in the back of my mind it could not be my deer, he is over on another part of the farm. It had rained that night and was now snowing. We would have had no blood trail! I think the good Lord wanted us to find this animal. It was my buck!!! His body was huge and part of my Bow Madness arrow was still in it!

We celebrated in disbelief and I thanked Jason for saving us 2 or 3 days worth of looking for this deer. I truly believe we would not have found him if Jason wouldn't have spotted him from that 20 foot elevated tree stand 60 yards away. Somehow these whitetails have an amazing will to live. He traveled an extreme distance for that hit.

We had a shed antler off this buck from spring of 09 that looked like a 3 year old frame. That would make him a 5 year old and a great deer to harvest. I couldn't be happier!