December 4: Keith Kuehn

The opening weekend of Illinois muzzleloader season is one that i soon will not forget. After spending the first gun season filming my partner Rod shoot a giant buck it was now my turn to try my luck at an Illinois giant. the first 3 days of the hunt whent by without a sighting of a shooter buck, but we knew that it was a matter of time before they came out to the cut corn fields and feed. Unfortunately the weather was just not what you would hope for in early December.

There was one deer that I could not get out of my mind and was just hoping that a miracle would happen and I could get into the stand where this buck is known to be living. He is an 7 or 8 year old whitetail that has just been like a ghost for the past 3 years. Then finally the last day of the hunt came and we planned on packing up the bags and heading home after the morning hunt but it was a sign from the deer gods a high pressure system went threw and the wind was perfect to go in and hunt this big buck. 

Rod told me we better stay because this may be the only chance we ever have to get on this buck. We arrived in the stand earlier than we ussually whould but we were just so excited and it didnt take long for the deer to start moving we had bucks all around and Rod whispered to me this is gonna be your night.  Shortly after that I looked up and could not believe my eyes it was him...the buck I came to this stand to hunt and he was even bigger than we thought he was.

After what seemed to be the longest 20 mins of my life the buck finally gave me the shot I had been looking for and I let the new Thompson Center Dream Season Omega bark. Because of the smoke the buck dissapeared from our view so quick so we had to check the film and it turned out to be a good hit and the buck ran 100 yards and piled up.

It turns out this buck was my biggest to date at 180 2/8" and I couldnt be happier. I'm very glad that my partner Rod convienced me to stay... this gun season has been a dream having two deer over 180" on the ground!