The ‘need to feed’ is the theme of this journal entry:

As most of you know from my previous blog entry, I am just finishing up my first year of working for Joel and Lisa Snow (Hunt Masters). We’ve been successful (in the sense that we’ve put a lot of deer on the ground), however I’ve been consistently unsuccessful at getting myself out there. I know that being an outfitter means that you don’t get to hunt whenever you want to, but when you do get a chance you plan, and calculate, and put all you’ve learned about deer into play. The one thing we know more than anything is deer.

With the rut coming to an end I’ve been a little anxious to get some stand or blind time in, but it just wasn’t going to happen. I knew that it was going to be a late season for me, so I bought some standing corn off a farmer on my lease. This is a key tactic in late season hunting. If you’ve got the food you’ve got the deer.
Once the farmer harvested the field and revealed where the standing crop would be I brushed in my ground blind. I set up my Reconyx to monitor the farm while I was busy with clients. As luck would have it the wait for old man winter to show up was a short one. Ohio has been hit this year with an early onset of some brutally cold weather. This cold front is following a fall full of mild temperatures and right on the tail-end of the rut.
Needless to say the conditions were right. Wind was the last factor I needed to fall in to place, and the waiting continued. As usual with snow you have a north wind, so I sat back and watched. I watched the weather channel looking for something with a southwest or a west at best. I watched the field and glassed it for two nights knowing that if I was to push the issue and hunt the wrong wind I would lose to a deer’s nose.

My southwest wind showed up Wednesday. The stage was set. Joel and I were chomping at the bit to get in early. We pulled into the farm a little after two and deer were already in the cornfield, so went ahead and got dressed and bumped them getting into the blind.

It was the first high pressure day we have had since the front came through so the deer were feeling it. By reviewing my Reconyx time lapses and glassing from a far I knew the deer usually didn’t get to the field until 4 o’clock.

After a few hours into the hunt and right about 4 I looked up and these words came out of my mouth, “shooter coming”.

The big 8 was about to enter the corn and we were a little surprised to say the least. I figured some does would be first, and then maybe after, a big one might trickle in. So when I saw him coming I was caught off guard. The deer entered the plot and stopped at 8 yards when I drew, shot and completely missed him! That’s right! He trotted off to 35 yards and I knocked another arrow. That’s when I heart shot him…and that was all she wrote. I can’t wait to share the killer footage with everyone.

What a great way to end my year and Ohio season, but stay tuned Candice still has her tag and the conditions are just getting good!