The story of Brute began in early spring 2009 when Tim, Jarod and I were shed hunting a new farm we had gained permision to hunt on. Tim found a real nice shed from a 3 1/2yr old buck. Later in July that same buck was first to show up on my Reconyx cameras. He was a 4 1/2 yr old now and just a brute of a body and had a real massive 8pt rack with a small sticker coming from his base. I decided he needed a year and just monitored his movements for the fall with the cams and etc!

Fast forward to summer 2010 and Brute was alive and well and a bonified shooter. The sticker turned into a 17" 3rd beam along with a main frame 5X4 rack with a 2" sticker going out the back of his bases. I didn't even try to hunt Brute untill after our outfitting rut hunts were done and I got back from my midwest trip to Iowa. I knew he would be around but I did get some disturbing news from a neighboring hunter. His buddy had shot a huge buck with a third beam but they ran out of blood and he had last been tracked to my farm. I was sick thinking he was dead. That would make 9 deer Jarod and I had lost to neighboring hunters that we were monitoring on our farms. We were both heartbroken. I just kept my chin up and kept running my cams. 5 days later I got a huge surprise when Brute showed up on my Reconyx once again. You could see he had been shot high behind the shoulder. I was ecstatic that he was alive and walking.

I knew he would stay on my farm now and stick close to his bedding area, which I had conveniently planted a Biologic Maximum plot within 300yds of. Once our gun season was out of the way and my boys had gotten their bucks, I was on the hunt for Brute. The weather was getting cold and we were getting snow which is what I needed for him to show up in daylight. I monitored my Reconyx cams on the farm and he started hitting the Maximum in the snow during daylight. The first day we got a SW wind I was going after him! Dec 10th was that day. Only problem was I had no camera guy. So Melody & I pulled my oldest son Zach out of school early that day and he became my camera guy. We headed to the blind at 2:00. We ran a few deer off getting in but we got settled in. I tickled my antlers like young bucks sparing on the plot and within 2min they were back thinking it was all clear.

Zach was practicing filming the young deer and getting comfortable with the camera as more deer started coming out. I knew in my gut it was going to happen. The moon was rising and a huge storm was a day and half away. We sat tight for 2hrs and finally the bigger bucks on the plot started getting antsy. I knew he was coming. I peeked out underneath the side flap and could see his majestic rack gliding thru the tall indian grass headed to the plot.

I could hear Zach breathing heavy and I just told him to stay calm and film and he would do fine. After some tense full moments, I had to draw and let down. He just wasn’t giving me a shot and was at 40yds. He was acting nervous and I was thinking he was leaving then a small buck started shoving does and he went back to feeding. He got to 33yds and took a step. I buried the pin and let her fly. The Lumenok flew thru the air like a missile off my PSE Axe and drilled him perfect. I couldn’t believe it had happened and that my son had filmed it. What a day the 2 of us will never forget. I feel truly blessed to be able to hunt and have a family that enjoys it also.