Father and Son Success...

It feels like just yesterday when Dad would take me and my brothers (Justin & Jason) rabbit, squirrel, turkey and deer hunting on our family ground. I have very found memories of each and every one of those hunts. Now, the tables are turned ever so slightly and we all are still hunting, except its here in Iowa - on my farm. Justin had success with his bow in November and now – it was gun season...Dad’s turn!

Opening day found us set up in a ground blind, on a 2.5 acre standing bean field, staring straight into one of Mother Nature’s fierce winter storms. The winds where gusting up to 50 mph, the temps had plummeted to well below zero, the snow was flying...most people would say we are crazy. I’d say, we are just passionate and persistent deer hunters. We saw several deer, but the blizzard limited visibility and no shot opportunities presented themselves. The following day found the wind chill still below zero, a fresh snowfall blanketed the ground, but the storm had moved east and the sun was shining. Its what we call the perfect “late season equation” – mid December, bitter cold temps, snow on the ground, beans standing, sun shinning and a TC Omega in hand!

The first does started moving early and then, all of the sudden, “Buck, huge Buck”. We quickly identified him as a shooter, one we nick named “Crook”, because of the crooked main beam. He was heading to the food plot and our hearts started pounding harder and harder. After some tense moments, he presented a shot opportunity at 120 yards...dad nailed him. He only went 50 yards and fell over on film! The celebration in the blind had begun!! The footage is awesome...we captured it from two camera angles too – my cousin Eric was with us in the blind running an over the shoulder view.

As a post script, if you click through the trail photos there’s a full color photo at 8:24am on 11/10. That happens to be my birthday. After more than 20 years of trying to kill or film a buck on my birthday and never being successful – I decided to try something new, sleeping in!! Justin and I where worn out from the rigors of the rut and needed the extra hours of sleep. Good move? I’d say so – since I elected to sleep in “Crook” walked right next to the stand we would have gone too. I’m glad Dad was the beneficiary of that decision!!