Tim has been trying to convince me for years that we should move somewhere with some better hunting. I never thought that we would actually do it. However, this year my husband got an offer to guide deer hunts full time, and I couldn’t let him turn it down. So we did it. We moved our home four hours away. (See blog.)

You would think that this would make hunting a whole lot easier. Instead it has brought up some new obstacles to overcome. Tim has been incredibly busy working; getting up way before daylight and working late into the night. Work comes first; for both of us. We are too far away from family to ask for help with the kids. Then you add in all the dynamics of wind direction and weather, and the odds of us getting to hunt together aren’t very good.

Some times you get lucky…..and Wednesday things came together in a big way! We needed a SW wind to hunt our spot. When we saw it was going to come on Wednesday, Tim told me I needed to make plans to get out that day. He said that it was my best chance. I asked a few favors and need to say thanks to the Snow family, for taking care of Jenna and Jaxon after school!

Tim had time lapses on the reconyx of this buck a few days in a row and thought he might show up again. I had no idea; thankfully he hadn’t told me anything about it. I had seen some reconyx pictures of the bucks on this farm and knew there were a couple of big mature ones I would be more than thrilled to get in bow range. When we left the house and headed over there I was just happy that the wind was blowing in the right direction. I had no idea that he suspected this buck would walk in front of the ground blind.

There was still a good amount of snow on the ground and everything was frozen. We had to bump few does, but we finally got in the blind. It had been a month since I had hunted and I was trying to get situated. Being that it was so cold, I was bundled up in layers. Tim wasn’t happy with the arrangement of my wardrobe so he made me change and/ or take off half of it. I was freezing but he was more worried about me being able to shoot than how warm I was. (he was probably right.) So I shoved my hand warmers down in my boots and sat on my knees waiting to see what would happen.

Coming from an area where seeing a few does a night was a good sit, it was kind of weird to me that we were seeing just as many bucks as we were does. The properties that Tim and Joel manage definitely have a healthier population of deer. I had the proof standing in front of me before long they were piling in. Then I watched a big high racked buck come out of the timber. He came in with into bow range but I had to wait for my shot. Since I was in the ground blind I tried to be patient, tried not to move, and stay quiet. He stood right in-between the windows of the blind for twenty minutes, l could watch him but couldn’t shoot. My emotions were getting the best of me, and I was trying to stay still. Finally he took at few steps right and was broadside. I ranged him at 21 yards and pulled back my bow.

The shot looked good and he acted like he was going down but then he walked slowly out of sight. I was so excited and worked up that I wanted to get out of the blind, and check my arrow but Tim made a good decision and we backed out quietly. We took the footage back to the lodge, a few friends that were there hunting all reviewed it with us. Everyone thought that it was a lethal hit. We planned to go in and look for him in the morning.

After we got the kids off to school we headed back to the farm. We walked past the blind and started to look for my arrow and about the same time I looked over to the right in the direction he had and went and so did Tim. We looked back at each other right away and the high fives started ……my buck had bedded and died 60 yards from the blind! I got over to him and couldn’t believe the size of this late season giant! Talk about ground growth! What an awesome deer, and what a great week. Tim and I both harvested impressive bucks out of the same blind seven days apart!

We may have gotten lucky to get out and hunt that evening, but getting a shot at that deer had nothing to do with luck. Tim knew he was there and knew what he was doing. I have to give credit where it is due. I learn so many new things every time we hunt, and hope to keep getting the chance to do so. I know that this is a buck of a lifetime and I am humble enough to realize I haven’t been hunting long enough to deserve him. I also know that I am one proud and happy girl and can’t thank my husband enough for sharing the sport he loves so much with me!